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You Can Stop Sexual Harassment!

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is a federal government agency that protects your right to a workplace free of discriminatory practices. Just because the law outlaws it, does not mean sexual harassment has been eliminated. Although sexual harassment has been illegal since 1976, it is still all too common. If you are being sexually harassed, you have a legal right to make it stop.

Here is a list of steps to take:

Request clearly and firmly that the harassment stop – according to the law, sexual harassment is punishable only once the victim asks the harasser to stop the unwanted behavior. Tell him or her to stop. Name the behavior clearly and directly. Tell the harasser they are committing sexual harassment and that it is illegal. It is advisable to also make a written request so there is a record of your protest.

Contact an attorney – look for a firm or individual practitioner that specializes in workplace discrimination law. The attorney will advise you to document the frequency and nature of the harassment by making copies, photographing, or recording the offending behavior or materials and to identify witnesses.

Speak to your boss – it is the legal responsibility of an employer to prevent and stop discrimination, including sexual harassment in the workplace. It is against the law for your boss or co-workers to retaliate against you in any way for reporting or documenting harassment. If your immediate supervisor denies the behavior or delegitimizes your complaint, go above his head.

File a complaint – if you are a union worker, you can file a complaint with your union, which is obliged to represent you. You can also file a complaint directly with the EEOC.

Many women are too intimidated to come forward with a complaint of sexual harassment. The more women do come forward, the less this behavior is tolerated in the workplace. Learn more about your right to stop sexual harassment. Call Los Angeles County Super Lawyers The Ruttenberg Law Firm, P.C. by calling 310.207.4022 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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