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Insurance Bad Faith Litigation

Los Angeles lawyers ensure insurance claims are paid

The Ruttenberg Law Firm, P.C. lawyers protect individual and business policyholders’ interests in disputes over insurance coverage for a wide range of claims.

The Ruttenberg Law Firm, P.C. insurance litigation attorneys negotiate on behalf of clients to obtain coverage and seek redress in court for bad faith damages when an insurance company:

  • Puts its own interests above the interests of its policyholder
  • Fails to conduct a reasonable investigation
  • Does not attempt to reach a prompt, fair and equitable settlement when its liability is apparent
  • Forces policyholders to sue to obtain benefits
  • Offers a settlement that is contrary to policy provisions

The firm couples cost-effective strategies with its significant experience to persevere in bad faith claims related to commercial general liability, umbrella, excess liability, auto, home, health and disability insurance.

In addition to directly representing clients in coverage and bad faith litigation, The Ruttenberg Law Firm, P.C. draws on its diverse knowledge to provide clients with advice on underlying claims as well as in assisting in evaluating their insurance needs before losses occur.

Efficiency. Perseverance. Excellence.

From the firm’s Los Angeles office, The Ruttenberg Law Firm, P.C. insurance bad faith litigation lawyers represent clients throughout California, as well as those who reside or do business elsewhere and have legal matters in the state.

Contact The Ruttenberg Law Firm, P.C. for a consultation. The firm offers flexible billing arrangements.